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Silence for as long
as you need it.

Rent a Silen Space

Easy, comfortable, flexible

From 169 € per month

A flexible solution with no hidden fees

Environmentally friendly option

Use only as long as you need it

Best soundproofing on the market

Tested and established

You decide which pod and for how long

Sustainability reaches new heights with our soundproof office pod rentals. How? Once the pod is finished being used, it gets refreshed, cleaned, and moved on to the next user.

Terms and conditions
Silen Rent

Silen Space 1

Private calls without prying ears

Silen Rent

Silen Space 2

A space for creative minds to generate innovative solutions

Rent per month

169 € + VAT

299 € + VAT




Dimensions and Weight

Silen Rent

Silen Space 1

370 kg

Silen Rent

Silen Space 2

670 kg

The Interior

Silen Rent

A table with a whiteboard
An adjustable integrated stool

Silen Rent

An integrated table
Ergonomic sofas

Colour Options

Silen Rent
Silen Rent

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  • Silen Rent

    Energy Efficient

  • Silen Rent

    Plug & Play

  • Silen Rent

    Industry-Leading Sound Reduction

  • Silen Rent

    Integrated Power Sockets

  • Silen Rent

    Fresh Air

  • Silen Rent

    Carbon Neutral

  • Silen Rent

    On Wheels and Easy to Move

  • Silen Rent

    Automatic LED Lighting

Silen Rent

Effortlessly Convenient

When renting Silen’s office pods, you can focus on what truly matters. We take care of the transportation and technical details. You only have to take care of the cleaning.

Silen Rent

In Harmony with Nature

Silen Rent is a circular economy service. Once you have finished using the office pod, it moves on to the next user, clean and fresh, in perfect harmony with nature.

Silen Rent

World-Class Quality

Silen Space soundproof pods are the industry leaders. They are used by demanding players such as Amazon, Airbus, Spotify, and many others.

Silen Rent


Use as many top-class Silen Space office pods as you need, exactly when you need, where you need and for as long as you need. After the first three months, you can cancel your rental agreement at any time.

Silen Rent Silen Rent

Silence has a colour, and it's green

Sustainability has always been at the heart of Silen, and our primary way to reduce environmental impact is to create products that have a long lifespan and produce only minimal waste. Silen pods are unique. Their external shells, moving parts, electronics, and other components can be easily renewed, ensuring product quality throughout an extended usage period.

We are constantly working on reducing our climate footprint through further product development and using more environmentally friendly materials. In addition, Silen’s products are entirely carbon neutral. The amounts of CO2 we generate are precisely measured and neutralized through other emission reduction projects.


  • How does Silen Rent contribute to the circular economy?

    Silen Rent is a circular economy service. The renter uses the pod for as long as needed. The pod then gets thoroughly cleaned before moving on to the next customer. Since Silen products are unique in that they are entirely renewable, the product maintains its fresh appearance and properties even after years of use.
    • What is Silen Rent?

      Silen Rent is a flexible and environmentally friendly service that offers your company the opportunity to rent Silen Spaces of different sizes without making any long-term commitments.
      • How much does it cost to rent Silen's pods?

        Silen Space 1 rents from €169 + VAT/month
        Silen Space 2 rents from €299 + VAT/month

        The minimum rental period is three months, after which it is possible to cancel the service at any time.
        • What costs must be taken into account?

          Apart from the monthly rent, there are no hidden fees. You only have to consider the start-up/installation cost, which depends on the selected product. For example, you must pay for the installation when signing the contract. Also, if you rent a pod that is not our standard white colour, a one-time fee for changing the shell colour will be added to the contract.
          • Is it possible to choose the colour of the pod?

            Yes, it is! If you want a Silen Space in a colour other than our standard white, a small fee will be added to the contract before signing.
            • What colours are available?

              If you want a Silen Space in a colour other than our standard white, there are seven to choose from:
              Light Grey
              Frozen Blue
              Blue Tiber
              Oak Veneer

              A small fee will be added to the contract before signing.
              • How does the payment work?

                The first payment includes three months' rent, installation and changing of the exterior colour (if requested). After three months, you can choose whether to pay monthly or quarterly. We will send invoices only for as long as you rent the pods.
                • How soon can I start?

                  If you choose our standard white-coloured pod, it will arrive at your office in about two weeks. If you select one of our exterior colours, the office pod will arrive approximately four weeks after signing the contract.
                  • What are the requirements for the room where the pods are installed?

                    In order for Silen pods to last as long as possible, there are some requirements for the room where they are installed.

                    The room should be heated and dry. Make sure that the temperature does not fall below minus 10 degrees Celsius and the humidity does not go higher than 60%.

                    Do not install the pod close to a heater, but pods can be placed next to one another.

                    Make sure that there is a 220 V socket in the immediate vicinity of the pod, as the ventilation and interior lighting need power.

                    Note that the minimum height requirement for the room where the pod will be installed is 2.35 m.
                    • How can I terminate the rental agreement?

                      If you feel that the Silen pod in your office has served its purpose, and you wish to terminate the rental agreement, please email us Upon receipt of your notice, you will have continued use of the pod until the end of the following calendar month, after which we will collect the pod and refresh and clean it in preparation for its next user.

                      We will also provide you with a final invoice for the rental period, which will cover the period up to the end of the full calendar month that follows your notice of termination.
                      • Can the Silen Space be purchased at the end of the rental period?

                        If you no longer want to rent your office pod, it is possible to buy it. Keep in mind that previously paid rental payments will not be deducted from the purchase price. But don't worry; we will make you a very good offer.
                        • Where can I try the Silen Space pod?

                          You can test the Silen Space office pods at the Silen representative salon, located at Taevavärava tee 3 in Jüri, or use the Silenbooking service to book a pod at various locations in Tallinn and Tartu. Thirty minutes of Silenbooking service is free for those interested in Silen Rent and have a personal discount code. Get your personal discount code here.

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You can test the Silen Space pods in our Silen showroom or use the Silenbooking service to book a pod at various locations in Tallinn and Tartu. Thirty minutes of Silenbooking service is free for those interested in Silen Rent and have a personal discount code.

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Thousands of users worldwide are enjoying Silen Space


The Roofit.Solar team is growing rapidly, and keeping that in mind, we occasionally need a smaller space to hold meetings or discuss other important matters. The Silen booth is just perfect for this! It does not take up lots of space and is comfortable, well-ventilated and soundproof. We have been using it for two months, and we are satisfied and happy to use it in the future. Silen offers a very convenient and simple rental service that allows us to solve the problem of needing a meeting room at a very reasonable price.

Kadri Lõhmus

Kadri Lõhmus

Office Lead & People Operations Specialist